Becoming a Guide

If you're an experienced angler with exceptionally good knowledge about the fishing opportunities in certain locations, you may think you would like to make some money out of this by offering your services as a guide.
It is paramount that if you start professionally guiding people you must have adequate insurance or you run the risk of not only earning little money but of losing everything you already have.  Membership involves meeting defined standards that incorporate Codes of Practice compliance with legal regulations operating standards.
The purpose of the PFIGA Membership is to provide a means of accreditation for successful applicants, to communicate their quality of business, expertise, safety and service to potential customers.  A large number operators currently in Australia would most certainly not meet the required criteria so it is an extremely important tool and the only measure of it's kind in Australia that provides consumers with the ability to identify a quality guide or instruction service.
Only members of the PFIGA are allowed to display the PFIGA logo in advertising their services. By using the logo, successful applicants are increasing public awareness of the association, and many anglers are now looking for it before engaging a guide.

To gain membership, applicants must demonstrate that they meet the required standards in the following areas:

  • They must offer their services through a business entity which is properly set up to deal with the public.
  • They may own the business as a sole trader or in partnership, or they may be employees or subcontractors of the business.
  • The business and the applicant must meet legal requirements for licensing and insurance, hold public liability insurance cover of at least $10 million, and comply with all statutory regulations in respect to buildings, vehicles, boats, or other plant in use.
  • There must be systems and procedures appropriate for dealing with the public in a professional manner.
  • There must be procedures for dealing with emergencies, including first aid equipment and training.
  • Adequate facilities must be provided or be available to allow the business to deliver its services in a professional manner.
  • They are of good character
  •  They have adequate skills and knowledge in fishing, guiding and instruction.