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Guiding recreational fishing to a sustainable future
Fishing salt water or fresh water, fly casting, lure casting or fishing with natural bait, whatever style of fishing you like, a professional fishing guide  will save you time and money in reaching your goals.  We have accredited members to cater for all ages and abilities every day of the year.

This web site will help you find an approved, accredited fishing guide or instructor that is of only the highest standard.   PFIGA accredited members  must adhere to the Code of Ethics and be able to demonstrate business best practice, eco-friendly/sustainable fishing practices, adherence to OHS Acts/Standards/Regulations, customer service and expertise/ability amongst other, essential and desirable qualities.

If you are running a business as a fishing guide or about to start one, discover the benefits of gaining the only recognised accreditation for your industry in Australia.




The PFIGA Code Of Practice


Under the PFIGA Code of Practice, PFIGA Members are required to:

  • Observe high standards of business ethics in all dealings.
  • Ensure their image as evidenced by their behaviour and the appearance of their dress, plant, equipment and tackle, at all times reflects a high standard of professionalism.
  • Maintain exemplary standards of behaviour in relationships with clients, other anglers and users of the aquatic environment.
  • Ensure that all instructing and guiding operations are based on well developed skills and contemporary techniques.
  • Observe, foster and promote all fishing regulations.
  • Ensure good standards of sportsmanship in all fishing activities with particular reference to the welfare, conservation and propagation of the target fish species.
  • Encourage and promote conservation of the environment, the fish and the species upon which fish feed.
  • Demonstrate an authoritative knowledge and understanding of the natural history and heritage of the fishery and its surrounds.

PFIGA acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land and water on which we guide and pays respect to their elders past and present.