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Guiding recreational fishing to a sustainable future
Fishing salt water or fresh water, fly casting, lure casting or fishing with natural bait, whatever style of fishing you like, a professional fishing guide  will save you time and money in reaching your goals.  We have accredited members to cater for all ages and abilities every day of the year.

This web site will help you find an approved, accredited fishing guide or instructor that is of only the highest standard.   PFIGA accredited members  must adhere to  current Codes of Practice and be able to demonstrate business best practice, eco-friendly/sustainable fishing practices, adherence to OHS Acts/Standards/Regulations, customer service and expertise/ability amongst other, essential and desirable qualities.

If you are running a business as a fishing guide or about to start one, discover the benefits of gaining the only recognised accreditation for your industry in Australia.

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I am proud to say that Steve Williamson’s Tackle Shop has been chosen as one of the 5 finalists for the BEST small tackle shop in Australia by the Australian Fishing Trades Association.

Now, all we need is get enough VOTES to win!

How fantastic would it be in the year of our 25th anniversary, should we win the award for the best small tackle shop in AUSTRALIA?

Steve Williamson’s Tackle Shop can only win if you are happy to vote for us and to win this award is a mammoth task given the size of Jindabyne and the ‘micro’ size of my tackle shop when you compare it against the other much bigger stores in the bigger cities we are competing against.

Please go to the link below, it only takes seconds to vote for us. Before the 27th June 2014.

The 5 Finalists for the best SMALL tackle shop in Australia are –

1)      Steve Williamson’s Tackle Shop, Jindabyne NSW

2)      Great Lakes Tackle and Camping, Tuncurry NSW

3)      Tackleland, Sangate Queensland

4)      Complete Angler, Melbourne Victoria

5)      Whiteys Tackle, Western Australia

Please vote for us now and ask your friends to do the same!



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